Sergei Tannikos

An entertainer rogue from the village of Thaymouth, Sergei is quick with an anecdote and quicker with a rapier.


Sergei grew up in Thaymouth, a village west of Gullside. In Thaymouth, Sergei was the youngest of a well-to-do family of 5. As part of his upbringing, he was trained in the art of the fiddle. Despite the wealth poured into his education, Sergei was not a talented student. His abilities with the fiddle were limited and his attentiveness lacked. His mind was always elsewhere. Sergei longed to be up to no good. He spent his days thinking up ways to sneak into places he wasn’t supposed to go, steal from his siblings, or generally cause trouble. Sergei’s 12th birthday ended in disaster for him because of this. His latest prank involved a wizard’s fireworks and some of the local brew. Unfortunately for Sergei, his planned experiment went awry, resulting in a barn being destroyed and several head of cattle perishing in the flames.

From then on, Sergei was a model student. After the local authorities put the blame on Sergei without a moment’s thought; he realized the problem with notoriety. His methods changed. No longer was he the reckless, carefree troublemaker. Sergei kept his skills hidden, choosing instead to seek fame as the world’s greatest fiddler. Of course the nature of his rise to fame mattered little to Sergei, but he realized that legitimacy would be one of his strongest tools.

Although he had earned his acceptance in society, Sergei still managed to stir up trouble. At a local celebration, Sergei strongly insulted the lord of Thaymouth. Having learned to punch up his act with satire, Sergei thought to demonstrate his newest skills by making fun of several of the nobles’ shortcomings. Although hilarious to his fellow townsfolk, only his skills as a rogue kept him from jail. Breaking out of prison with the lock picks always on his person, and leaving town with only the clothes on his back and the worn out silver bell his grandmother always used to call on him with, Sergei left to seek fame and fortune.

Making his way to Gullside, and picking up some useful tools in the towns along the way, Sergei met Siuan (pronounced Swan); a local merchant and fence. Siuan took Sergei in, training him in the ways of Gullside’s thieves. Through Siuan’s tutelage, Sergei quickly picked up thieves cant, and found a way to support his lifestyle when his music failed to earn him supper. Through all of this, Sergei never gave up on his aspirations. While he never gave up on his dream of being a world-class fiddler, when he saw the makings of a group of adventurers he couldn’t help but sign up.

Sergei Tannikos

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